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It’s not just a place to live… it’s a place to call HOME!






Maxcare, Inc. was founded in 1994 to assist individuals with developmental disabilities achieve their dreams and visions.  At Maxcare, we want to learn about you and what you want to accomplish, and then help you achieve your visions. We will give you choices and let you make the decisions that will affect your life.  We will always treat you with dignity and respect, and will advocate for your right to live, work and play in the community.  At Maxcare, we try to be responsive to the needs, desires, and visions of our residents.  This includes you, your family members, and the other people who work with you or you choose.  These values are reflected throughout our agency policies and operating procedures.  Your satisfaction, and the satisfaction of tour team and family, is especially important to us because if you are happily satisfied, then we are making a positive difference. 

How we make a difference

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